Free choiceness: facts, models and problems

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg, Germany

August, 2008

organised as part of
the European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information
11-15 August, 2008 in Hamburg D

Jacques Jayez and Lucia M. Tovena

Event Description

So called Free Choice Items (words like 'any' in English) are represented in the lexicon of most natural languages. Roughly speaking, they express equivalence between the members of a set from different points of view (practical, inferential, affective). In addition to raising difficult descriptive problems for linguists, they prove challenging for formal and cognitive theories that explore the relations between linguistic meaning, reasoning abilities and emotions.
The general goal of the workshop is to offer an up to date guided tour of this complex landscape and to bring out the major threads of the debate.
The theme of the workshop brings up questions like the following:
Invited Speakers:
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Scientific Committee:
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Submission Details & Proceedings

Authors are invited to submit an *anonymous* abstract describing completed research or work in progress contributing to the above mentioned issues and topics closely related to these. Submissions should not exceed 2 pages (12pt font, A4, 2cm margins on all four sides). Abstracts should be formatted in PDF. Please send your submission electronically to the following email address:
The body of your mail should include the name of the author(s) and their affilitation(s), their adresses and the title of the paper.
The deadline for submissions is March 27, 2008.
The submissions will be reviewed by the scientific committee and possibly additional reviewers. The accepted papers will appear in the workshop proceedings published by ESSLLI. The format for the final versions will be extended abstracts of maximally 6 pages.
Event format:
The event is part of ESSLLI and is open to all ESSLLI participants. It will consist of five 90-minute sessions held over five consecutive days in the second week of ESSLLI. There will be 2 slots for paper presentation and discussion per session. On the first day the workshop organizers will give an introduction to the topic.
Local Arrangements:
All workshop participants including the presenters will be required to register for ESSLLI. The registration fee for authors presenting a paper will correspond to the early student/workshop speaker registration fee.
For this workshop, there are up to two fee waiver grants. If you think you are eligible for one of these waivers, please specify this along with your submission.
Moreover, a number of additional fee waiver grants will be made available by the local organising committee on a competitive basis and workshop participants are eligible to apply for those. There will be no reimbursement for travel costs and accommodation. Workshop speakers who have difficulty in finding funding should contact the local organising committee to ask for the possibilities for a grant.
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